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A long-time donor leaves a gift to improve lives for generations

POSTED January 18, 2021

A long-time donor leaves a gift to improve lives for generations

Donors like Nell leave behind an enduring legacy

By Brianne Binelli, digital content manager, Canada

Donor holds her great-grandchild

It’s not every day we get to learn more about our donors and their heart for giving, but we’ve been lucky to hear about Petronella “Nell” Moes who left a legacy gift to support a water project. Her son, Andrew, shared memories of his mom, who supported Children Believe for nearly 20 years as a child sponsor. He explained why she choose to leave a gift, how he hopes her support will help others and how the volunteer and great-grandmother inspired him and his siblings to consider their legacy, too.

Why was helping others so important to your mom?

Our mother was a woman of deep Christian faith. Giving to others was one of the ways she expressed her faith. She gave generously of her time, serving as a hospital volunteer for over 35 years, and she gave generously to causes that were dear to her. Money for giving was always set aside, not as an afterthought if there was something left over, but as a priority before almost anything else.

Why did she leave a legacy gift?

For many years, Mom sponsored a child with Children Believe (back when it was called Christian Children’s Fund of Canada). As she got older, she was concerned about starting another sponsorship she may not see through. Instead, she decided to make a legacy gift to charities that were most important to her.

Do you know why it was important for your mom to direct her gift to a clean water project?

Mom heard about situations where children would spend much of their time and energy carrying water for their family’s needs — sometimes walking long distances with it. This came at the expense of their education and their childhood. Mom wanted her legacy gift to be an investment in the lives of kids like the ones she sponsored throughout her life.

What are your thoughts about her decision to leave a legacy gift?

All three of Nell’s children were happy to see some of her estate set aside for charities she loved. We are glad her generous spirit lives on. We fondly remember how it made her happy to take her family out for treats — Tim Hortons and Swiss Chalet were common destinations! But, we also fondly remember how she made giving a priority.

What are your hopes for how your mom’s legacy gift will help children and families in need?

We hope this gift to this Children Believe water fund will make a difference in the lives of children and their families. We often hear educating children is a key to making lasting change for the better in communities; we trust Mom’s gift will be part of that!

Any other thoughts about your mom that may inspire others?

Many of us have so much wealth compared to others, both in Canada and around the world. A legacy gift is a way to share some of that wealth beyond our families in a meaningful way. Knowing our mother did this encouraged us to consider our legacy.

Leave a legacy gift today.

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