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A look at how soil quality impacts food production

POSTED January 7, 2020

A look at how soil quality impacts food production

Innovation can go a long way to making change for many people around the world

Bio-intensive garden in India

As a changing climate continues to impact food production in countries where we work around the world, experts are noting the importance of monitoring soil to boost growth, reports Thomson Reuters Foundation News.

“Data suggests that if we do not restore global soil health, it is highly likely the consequences within 10 years will be many, many millions facing food and water insecurity,” says John Crawford, a soil expert and science director at the U.K.’s Rothamsted Research told Reuters. “[This could lead to] civil unrest, mass migration, radicalization and violence on an unprecedented scale.”

Children Believe is always seeking better ways to improve living conditions around the world. When it comes to farming, we share knowledge with community members to help boost food production and income generation. That includes finding green solutions such as improving soil quality and creating sustainable gardens.

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