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Afghan woman shares books and opportunity with Kabul children

POSTED March 27, 2018

Afghan woman shares books and opportunity with Kabul children

Sparking joy in reading can change lives for the better

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Freshta Karim, a University of Oxford graduate, is bringing the joy of reading and imagination to 3.5-million out-of-school children — largely girls — on her mobile library in Kabul, Afghanistan.

“When I was a child, I did not have the opportunity to go to a library and read the storybooks I wanted to read,” she told Thomson Reuters Foundation. “My goal is to enable them not only to think critically, but also to be able to question the wrongdoing they see.”

Whether poverty or war prevent children from learning, the goal should always be the same. Christian Children’s Fund of Canada believes in improving children’s literacy, so they have more opportunities to reach their full potential.

In Paraguay, our Family Reading Time project (called Emerging Literacy in Paraguay) has opened children’s and their parent’s eyes to the importance of reading together.

You can bring books to children in need, too. Visit out gift catalogue to learn more.

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