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Ben Stiller speaks up for children and families forced to flee their homes

POSTED July 3, 2018

Ben Stiller speaks up for children and families forced to flee their homes

The American actor is the newest ambassador for UNHCR

Day of Families

Ben Stiller is the new Goodwill Ambassador for The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). This comes on the heels of his recent visit to Guatemala where he met unaccompanied children who had fled their homes due to violence.

“In Guatemala, the families, including children, I met experienced fear and violence back home that is beyond imagination. They are vulnerable and have suffered immensely,” he said, adding, “they need help.”

The actor, director, producer and philanthropist, will raise awareness, generate support and give a voice to those forced to leave their homes. He’s already released an appeal for action.

At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada we believe in creating safe spaces for children and arming them with opportunities to find hope at home. We believe in working with like-minded partners to make lasting change. Find out more about our projects here.

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