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Aklilu Mulat,



Aklilu Mulat

"My childhood dream was to be an innovative farmer with fancy machinery."

Three words that best describe him

compassionate, committed, optimistic

What's his life's work?

Born and raised in Ethiopia, Aklilu grew up with a passion for catalyzing transformation in the lives of those caught in the cycle of poverty. He’s applied that positive energy to senior positions at non-profit and private-sector organizations in British Columbia (B.C.), including the Burnaby Hospital Foundation and HOPE International Development Agency.

Committed to mentoring young people, Aklilu has been involved in teaching both professionally and in academic settings. Until recently, he was an adjunct faculty member with the University of B.C., and he also worked at VRX Studios, Inc.

Today, Aklilu is an executive leader at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. in Vancouver, and he also serves as vice-chair on the Board of Arrow Leadership International Ministries in B.C.

What academic work set him up for success?

Aklilu has undergraduate degrees in natural sciences and business administration from Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. He also holds a master of science in public policy and management from the University of London in England.

Interesting tidbit

The father of two young adults enjoys spending time with his wife and family while exploring the outdoors by kayak, bicycle or on foot.

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