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Mary Kosta-Cadas


Mary Kosta-Cadas

"My childhood dream was to be a superhero who helped people."

Three words that best describe her

kind, strong, smart

What's her life's work?

Mary brings a wealth of senior experience in non-profit organizations, research, event management, volunteer management, communications, marketing, capital campaigns, fundraising and media relations.

She provides not-for-profit management solutions on corporate, commercial and international expansion plans to various clients, from small and medium enterprises to established multi-billion dollar corporations.

What academic work set her up for success?

Mary earned her master of laws at England’s Lancaster University, her honours business administration at the University of Toronto and her doctor of philosophy at King’s College at the University of London.

Interesting tidbit

The proud mom of five boys loves to escape with a good book, in the garden or at the mall.

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