Girls in Ghana playing ampe

Playing a whole new game

May 24, 2023 - An innovative way of learning transforms education... READ MORE

Mahlia sitting at a desk with a chalkboard behind her.

How can investing in girls education boost the economy?

May 23, 2023 - Learn about the effects of keeping girls’ our of... READ MORE

African heritage celebrated around the world on May 5

May 4, 2023 - Power of education key to preserving rich culture of... READ MORE

Children Believe Volunteer Spotlight: Q&A with Adam

April 18, 2023 - The National Volunteer Week theme for 2023 is Volunteering... READ MORE

MAHSAAMINI - in the news

How women’s freedoms are still being affected in the world

March 7, 2023 - Learn how women stand-up for their rights and freedoms... READ MORE

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