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CCFC’s work in India seen through fresh eyes

POSTED June 7, 2019

CCFC’s work in India seen through fresh eyes

Watch this video from Chic Sophistic to see how children in India are educated about their rights

By Dave Stell, communications manager, Canada

Influencer trip to India 2019

Chic Sophistic, a Toronto social-media influencer, recently visited villages where we help children overcome obstacles standing in the way of their education, dreams and potential.

“I always say, it is one thing to talk about something, and really understand it, but it is a whole other thing to meet people face-to-face and really hear their stories,” notes Stephanie Kalen (Chic Sophistic) in the video description.

As part of the experience, CCFC India staff met with Chic Sophistic to share the many ways our programs help girls avoid forced child marriage. That meant travelling to remote villages to meet girls who have attended training sessions to learn how important education is to creating real, positive change.

Watch the video to see what Chic Sophistic learned about CCFC in India.

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