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Celebrating retirement of 24-year CCFC veteran

POSTED April 2, 2018

Celebrating retirement of 24-year CCFC veteran

Sharing reflections from our director of operations on his last day

By Brianne Binelli, online content manager, Canada

Abebaw Retirement

We’ve all worked with people who have left an indelible imprint on our life, as a mentor and a friend. Abebaw Assefa is one of those people for many of us at Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, in our Canadian office and around the world.

Ab, as we affectionately call him, began his career with us in November 1993, when he joined the team as a field director in his home country of Ethiopia. Since then, he’s relocated to Canada and held many positions, including program officer, operations manager and, most recently, director of operations.

This week, in his 25th year with the organization, our colleague and friend is retiring. His family at CCFC will miss his endless knowledge about our sector, our organization and the ways of the world.

Gentle, humble and kind, Ab is passionate about our mission of creating a brighter future for children around the word. So, with his permission, we’ve include an excerpt from his farewell message to our team:

“During my time with CCFC, I had the privilege of visiting all our [country offices] and meeting many (if not all) of our partners. Each encounter I had in the field, as well as in the Markham, [Ont.] office, enriched me greatly, and I owe great debt to all of you for educating me about things you shared and, most importantly, for the cross-cultural learnings. Thank you very much for shaping the way I view the world!

It’s been a privilege to be chosen to serve [CCFC’s] cause and contribute to its mission of building a world where children realize their God-given potential.”

We’ll miss you, Abebaw. Best of luck on your new journey!

Saying goodbye: (top) Abebaw and Jim Carrie, VP of global operations, have been working together for years

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