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Children in Africa lobby for an end to violence

POSTED June 29, 2017

Children in Africa lobby for an end to violence

Sponsored children from CCFC program areas submit a Free Charter to local authorities

By Patrice Zongo, communications manager, Burkina Faso

Burkina Free Charter B

Children in Fada N’Gourn in Eastern Burkina Faso are speaking up for themselves, and their voices are being heard.

The Christian Children’s Fund of Canada sponsored children wrote and submitted a Free Charter to the Governor and the King of the Region. It highlighted their concerns about violence against children, including child marriage — a big challenge in the region. Through their Charter, the children invited authorities to punish and deter offenders.

Burkina Free Charter A

“I am really impressed about your courage and the sense of responsibility you had in conducting this initiative,” Kupendieli, King of the Gulmu, East of Burkina Faso, told the children. “I congratulate you and encourage you to keep working hard and being respectful towards your elders — also contributing to your own right to protection.”

The children of the eastern region are hopeful that their concerns will be taken into account. In the meantime, they promised to do their part to be good citizens. We’re proud of their progress in advocating for their own change.

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