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Conference pools resources to address water shortages

POSTED May 8, 2018

Conference pools resources to address water shortages

The United Nations is looking for solutions to manage water more sustainably

Boy Water Ghana

It’s one of our most precious resources, and the United Nations (UN) reports that, by 2050, one in four people will live in a country impacted by substantial water shortages.

As Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) continues to provide access to clean water in vulnerable communities around the world, global experts are meeting this week to find ways to protect the resource.

“We cannot manage what we do not measure,” said Harry Lins, president of the World Meteorological Organization Commission for Hydrology, speaking about the topic of the HydroConference hosted by the UN in Geneva this week. “Systems and data collection which underpin these vital services to society are under real pressure.”

At CCFC, we’ve seen how severe droughts can impact a community. It’s why we conduct training on flood-irrigation in Ethiopia. The technique has improved harvest and income for farmers in our program areas.

Thanks to our supporters, we had 99 water facilities built or renovated in 2016/2017. To contribute to the cause, visit our online gift catalogue.

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