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Donor-care specialist eager to help after nearly 15 years on job

POSTED March 1, 2023

Donor-care specialist eager to help after nearly 15 years on job

Meet Annie and learn about her commitment to Children Believe and the children around the world we help together with our supporters

By Danielle Daley, digital community coordinator, Canada

Annie’s been a donor-care specialist at Children Believe's call centre for 14 years. Working with donors keeps her passionate about her job.

Talking on the phone has become more and more uncommon, but we love it. It’s one of the main ways we communicate with our donors, and these conversations create relationships that can last years. 

Just ask Annie. She’s been a donor-care specialist at our call centre for 14 years, and she’s a familiar voice and name to many supporters. We caught up with her recently to learn more about who she is and what keeps her smiling.

What do you like most about your role?

Being able to provide excellent customer service. Donors are giving to make a difference, and they want to make sure the organization is reliable. We understand that and encourage sponsors to build a relationship — not only with us — but also with the children they sponsor.

What has kept you committed to your role?

I have built great relationships and rapport with long-time donors. They’re kind and give generously — and some even sacrificially. I believe the Lord has placed me where I am today, and I continue to be faithful to His leading.

You’ve been known to go the extra mile with donors. How do you do that and why?

I give them my personal extension so they have quick access to get answers to questions they have. Our goal is to provide assurance, and we love making those personal connections with our donors.

Do you have interactions that stand out to you since you’ve been on the team?

Donors tell me I am very efficient. I appreciate that. They trust and know their money is going to the right place and making a difference.

Also, donors call and explain issues they’re having within their personal life. I remember a sponsor who called me crying. She told me she was having difficulties with her children and grandchildren. But she still wants to make a difference with a child she has never met. I was able to calm the donor and pray with her over the phone. Today she is a committed sponsor.

What are common questions donors ask?

  • How does child sponsorship work?

We explain that sponsorship combines funding from supporters to provide children with access to education so they can thrive in school and life.

The program also gives children equal access to opportunities and resources; confidence, knowledge and leadership skills to realize their rights; opportunities to have their voices heard through community clubs, public forums and our sponsorship programming; and tools to play an active role in improving the systems that are supposed to protect them.

  • How do I know I’m making a difference?

We explain that, as a child sponsor, you’ll receive an Annual Report as well as an update of your sponsored child’s progress and a new photo, so you can see how they’ve grown. We also include updates from their community.

You can find answers to other common questions on our website FAQ section.

Our team works hard to make sure donors know who we are, what we do and why we do it, trusting their donations make an impact. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at or 1.800.263.5437. Who knows you may even connect with Annie. We know she’d love to hear from you!

Learn more about child sponsorship today.

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About ChildFund Alliance:

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