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Access to education allows children to do the incredible

POSTED March 5, 2021

Access to education allows children to do the incredible

Watch this video to meet one girl making a difference at just 15

Kids sit on floor in classroom with mini chalkboards

Amazing things can happen when children have access to education. For instance, take a look at the video below. Fifteen-year-old, student and scientist, Gitanjali Rao was announced the First-Ever, TIME’s Kid of the Year.

“I cannot see a world filled with kindness without science and technology being involved,” said Gitanjali Rao in the TIME YouTube video. She noticed children her age, and an entire community, were facing a water crisis. So she invented a device to detect lead in drinking water, providing results through an app she created.

At Children Believe, education connects our pathways to help children reach their dreams. Last month we co-hosted a webinar with the Graça Machel Trust highlighting the importance of helping girls gain access to education, such as science, technology, engineering and math.

Learn how you can help a kid reach their dreams today. Sponsor a child now.

And, watch below to see what one educated girl on a mission can accomplish.

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