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Daniella’s journey: Empowering girls through education and equal opportunities

POSTED August 28, 2023

Daniella’s journey: Empowering girls through education and equal opportunities

In a world where aspirations know no boundaries, age is just a number. Meet Daniella, a remarkable 13-year-old with big dreams.

By Danielle Daley, digital community coordinator, Canada

Daniella smiling

Dreams are limitless, and Daniella, a 13-year-old girl from Ghana, serve as a testament to this truth.

In many corners of the world, from bustling cities to remote villages, the struggle for gender equality persists. One area where this inequality is acutely felt is in the realm of education. Cultural norms and perceptions often cast a shadow over girls’ educational opportunities, perpetuating a cycle of disadvantage in society. However, amidst these challenges, voices like Daniella’s shine as beacons of hope, advocating for change and progress.

Daniella’s parents always emphasized the importance of education and it has become the cornerstone of her journey. “They always told me to take my studies seriously so I can become a better person and help people in society.” With the support of her parents, she dreams of becoming a robotics scientist when she finishes school, although her father did dream of her becoming a pilot one-day, the love and support is always there.

Scarcity of Technological Resources

For some communities in Ghana, their technological progress is lacking and Daniella recognizes the role science and technology can play in Ghana’s progress especially in communications. Which is the main reason why she dreams of pursuing a career in STEM. She remembers her own role in relaying messages and envisions a future where technological innovations are able to bridge the gap in her community. She says, “My dad told me what when they are young there was no phones for communication. If someone wants to send a message to someone else, they will have to send a child to walk the long way to meet the person at home.” In her community, she has to do the same, she recalls “when my mother wants to tell her friends something she has to send me and if she had her phone she could just text her and I won’t have to walk the long way.”

Gender Disparities in High-Paying Jobs: An Ongoing Struggle

Daniella sheds light on the challenges girls face, particularly when it comes to completing high school. “Sometimes the parents, especially those that live in the villages, do not see the importance of taking a girl to school. They only believe in the boys that they can go to school and become something of themselves,” she explains.

In Ghana, as in many parts of the world, the unequal distribution of high-paying jobs remains a stark reality. Men continue to dominate these positions, leaving women at a disadvantage in the professional arena. This gender disparity not only perpetuates economic inequality but also restricts the potential for diverse perspectives and ideas to flourish.

Daniella recognizes this imbalance and dreams of a different narrative. “If more girls have education they could take some of those positions.” She envisions a Ghana where women occupy high-paying jobs in equal measure, their contributions shaping industries and policies alike. For Daniella, this isn’t just a vision of equality; it’s a vision of progress, innovation, and a more inclusive society. Daniella believes that education is the key to empowerment.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for Change

Cultural norms and perceptions may cast shadows over girls’ education, but voices like Daniella’s remind us that change is possible. By prioritizing education and advocating for equal opportunities, we can dismantle barriers that have held girls back for generations. Daniella’s dreams of a Ghana where women hold key leadership positions and contribute to groundbreaking initiatives are not just distant aspirations – they are the roadmap to a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

Daniella dreams that if Ghana had a female president, it would be a great achievement of progress and the introduction to new impactful initiatives. With education, Daniella believes women can break barriers and reshape their society. She says, “Education is important especially for girls because with education, you will not be cheated and you’ll be able to make decisions for yourself.”

If Daniella could grant one gift to children worldwide, it would be education for all. She understands that knowledge is priceless and capable of profoundly transforming lives. In Daniella, the embodiment of hope and transformation is vividly apparent.

Her story serves as a poignant reminder that dreams, unwavering determination, and education collectively hold the keys to a more promising, equitable, and brighter future.

Learn how you can help more children like Daniella access to education, by empowering their dreams today.

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