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Empowering Girls: Celebrating One Year of Impact with Believe In Girls Like Me

POSTED May 17, 2024

Empowering Girls: Celebrating One Year of Impact with Believe In Girls Like Me

Believe In Girls Like Me

It’s been a year since we embarked on a journey to empower girls through the Believe In Girls Like Me initiative, and what a year it has been! In the face of daunting global challenges like climate change, poverty, hunger, and the exploitation of children, our commitment to empowering girls has only grown stronger. Today, as we celebrate our one-year anniversary, we reflect on the progress we’ve made and the lives we’ve touched.

Empowering Through Education

The world is facing enormous problems, but amidst the chaos, one thing remains certain: education is the key to unlocking solutions. We firmly believe that by educating girls, we can tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time. When we invest in girls’ education, we invest in a brighter future for us all.

Ending Child Marriage: Through our initiatives, we’ve empowered girls to stay in school, providing them with a safe haven and the knowledge they need to resist forced marriage. 

Fighting Climate Change: Educated girls are better equipped to make environmentally conscious decisions and contribute to sustainable development. By empowering girls through education, we’re strengthening our fight against climate change and building a more resilient world for future generations.

Transforming Communities: We partner with parents, teachers, and community members and have seen tangible improvements in the lives of girls in the communities where we work. Increasing access to education and technology, our programs are making a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of girls. 

Year One Impact

This past year has been filled with milestones, successes, and most importantly, tangible changes in the lives of girls in the communities where we work around the world. Here’s an update on the progress we’ve made:

Burkina Faso: Combating Gender-Based Violence

Thanks to your support, over 1,500 vulnerable women, girls, and family members in Burkina Faso have benefited from awareness creation training sessions on gender-based violence prevention. These sessions have empowered them to recognize and report harmful practices, including early and forced marriage. As a result, the percentage of girls experiencing such practices in targeted communities has decreased to 15%, significantly below the national average of 52%. Your support has directly contributed to making communities safer for girls and women.

Ethiopia: Empowering Through Sports

In Ethiopia, 25 talented girls under the age of 18 from socially and economically vulnerable families have been given the opportunity to shine. Equipped with football gear, life skills training, and a full-time soccer coach, these girls have formed the first-ever women’s soccer clubs in their districts. By breaking stereotypes and challenging prevailing attitudes, these girls have become sources of inspiration for thousands of others in their communities. Your support has shown that investing in girls’ sports not only promotes gender equality but also fosters leadership and confidence among young women.

Paraguay: Access to Education and Violence Prevention

Over 13,500 children in Paraguay, including 6,700 girls, have gained access to primary school education. Through targeted training sessions, children have become more aware of the importance of preventing violence against themselves and their peers. As a result, the incidence of violence against girls in communities supported by Children Believe has decreased from 27% to 19% over the past year. Your contributions have opened doors to education and created safer environments for children to learn and grow.

Nicaragua: Digital Safety Training

In Nicaragua, over 470 children, 60% of whom are girls, have received training in the use of technology and online safety. This vital education equips children with the tools to protect themselves from digital abuse, violence, and exploitation in an increasingly digital world. Your support has empowered these children to navigate the online space safely and confidently, ensuring their well-being and security.

Moving Forward Together

As we look back on the past year, we are humbled by the incredible impact we’ve achieved together. Every donation, no matter how big or small, has made a difference in the lives of girls and their communities. As we continue our journey to empower girls worldwide, we invite you to join us in creating a brighter future for all. Together, we can continue to Believe In Girls Like Me and change the world—one empowered girl at a time. Thank you for your unwavering support.

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Children Believe works globally to empower children to dream fearlessly, stand up for what they believe in — and be heard. For 60+ years, we’ve brought together brave young dreamers, caring supporters and partners, and unabashed idealists. Together, we’re driven by a common belief: creating access to education — inside and outside of classrooms — is the most powerful tool children can use to change their world.

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