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Rompiendo barreras a la educación

Este caso de estudio revisa nuestro proyecto Prevención de la migración irregular de niñez en Centroamérica y México, que busca reducir las brechas de género y apoyar la empleabilidad de las y los jóvenes (En Ingles).

Program model

Child protection & participation

How Children Believe's Ethiopia office addresses child protection and participation.



The Children Believe grant strategy.


Celebrating how our supporters are helping children around the world — through sponsorship, special gifts, projects and more.
Get an update on our success with education; read about our new CEO; and browse a photo essay inspired by the children, families and communities our donors support.


Take a look at our past fiscal year; read stories of transformation; learn about an ambassador trip to Ethiopia; and meet a former sponsored child now working in the church.
Discover how donor support is helping address gender equality, and read results of our annual “Small Voices, Big Dreams” survey.


Find out how donor support helped children last year, and discover 10 ways we’re using innovation to change lives for the better.
Hang out with kids around the world to see how they play; read the results of our “Small Voices, Big Dreams” survey; and see how our donors help children realize their rights.


A spotlight on our last fiscal year as well as a look at how donor support helps children at every age.
Check out results from our annual child survey, and see six ways donor support helps children thrive.
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