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Former sponsored child gives hope she received by working in healthcare

POSTED April 6, 2022

Former sponsored child gives hope she received by working in healthcare

Follow Malpoa’s journey from sponsored child in Burkina Faso to busy university student and health facilitator

By Brianne Binelli, digital content services manager, Burkina Faso

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Malpoa has come a long way from her childhood days dreaming of becoming a midwife in Burkina Faso. 

The 34-year-old mother-of-two became a sponsored child through Children Believe (then Christian Children’s Fund of Canada) when she was 11. And so began the journey that brought her to Children Believe to work in sponsorship, before settling in her current job as a health facilitator at a child development centre.

“Children Believe has been an inspiration for success in my life,” she tells us. Aside, from kick-starting her career, it was instrumental during her formative years. She recalls support with food, healthcare, her education as well as personal gifts from her sponsor. “The [gifts] I received three times a year for my birthday, Easter and Christmas” were special, she recalls.

But it was the encouraging letters, photos and stickers from her sponsor’s family that touched Malpoa most. “This allowed me to be who I am today.”

The young mother shares how support through Children Believe encouraged her to come out of her shell and showed her the power of unconditional love. She adds: “It has also given me the strength, the pleasure to share what little I have with those who don’t have even a little; to know that no matter how difficult life is, it can be changed in a positive way.”

And, she’s certainly creating positive change every day. As a health facilitator, Malpoa organizes and arranges visits between children and health workers, coordinates breakfasts for patients, helps monitor and administer medicine to patients with chronic illnesses, helps coordinate reimbursements and so much more.

The eager student and mom isn’t ready to slow down, either. She’s continuing her education, working towards a degree in Human Resources Management. And, Malpoa remains dedicated to her job in the health sector. “What I love most about my work is visiting sick children, praying for them and their families,” she shares.

So, although Malpoa may not have become a midwife, she sees a bright future ahead, one where she might one day meet her former sponsor family. “By the grace of God, I will make this dream come true,” she says.

Malpoa is one of many sponsored children to reach her childhood dreams. Read how Hector became an entrepreneur in Nicaragua.

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