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Former sponsored child is inspired to realize her dream

POSTED April 10, 2017

Former sponsored child is inspired to realize her dream

CCFC catches up with Kavitha two years after her sponsorship ended in India

By Lipi Jobson, communications manager, India

Kavitha Former Sponsored

Kavitha nearly became a school dropout — instead she became a nurse, but it was a long journey. Born in India to a poor family, the eldest girl of four children always felt she should follow tradition and care for the household, especially when her parents could barely afford her elementary education. But everything changed when Kavitha became sponsored through Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) in 2006. Suddenly education became less of a dream and more of a reality. We caught up with Kavitha, now 20, to see how sponsorship helped her reach her full potential.

Do you remember your sponsor?
I remember my sponsor very well. I was enrolled in the sponsorship program in 4th Grade in 2006 — it continued till 2015. My heart fills with gratitude and thankfulness to my sponsor who was instrumental in bringing change to my life.

I got a good education and reached my dream of becoming a nurse. My sponsor was like a parent to me; he encouraged, motivated and supported me to dream big and get a college education. If not for him, I would be a school dropout and a daily labourer.

How did being a sponsored child affect your day-to-day life?
[Sponsorship gave me] space and freedom to exercise creativity after school. I was [advised about] homework, health and hygiene, environmental protection and more.

I was a member of SSS (Sun, Sea and Sand) Club. I got the chance to interact and build relationships with other children. I was also motivated through a life-skills camp and through participation in cultural events and festivals. [This] moulded me to become a positive, enthusiastic individual.

Kavitha Former Sponsored

How did being a sponsored child affect your life path?
My ambition of becoming a nurse came true, my life changed…. Now I can support my sisters as they get their education. I am sponsoring my siblings.

Tell us about your life now
After completing the Nursing program, I got a job at the Roja Clinic, (a local clinic, 10 km from my village).

Sponsorship inspired me to be socially responsible, so I’m serving my local community. I talk to sponsored and non-sponsored children about education and help them with assignments. I encourage them in co-curricular activities, advise them in personal health and hygiene as well as [direct] them towards career opportunities.

The sponsorship program guided me. My sponsor’s motivation inspired me and changed my life. He instilled in me a sense of self-belief.

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