Interested in helping create sustainable, positive change for children?

See how you can get involved to support children’s rights and equality. Whether its helping promote equality for girls, advancing child rights and protection or ending world hunger, let your voice be your superpower.

Employee Engagement

Inspire your team to be a force for good! Partner with Children Believe to create meaningful volunteer opportunities that that resonate with your company's principles. Motivate your employees to give back through time, talent, and resources. We also offer turn-key resources to create meaningful giving campaigns for employees through payroll deductions, matching gifts, and workplace fundraisers.

Cause Marketing

Children Believe joins forces with corporations wishing to make a positive impact on national and global cause marketing campaigns. Together, we can create powerful campaigns that drive social good, increase brand reputation, engage consumers, and build a better future for children in need.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Double the impact! Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs. Employer matching gift programs are a great way for employees to double or, in some cases, triple their contribution!

How do I request a matching gift?

After you have donated to Children Believe, please contact your Human Resource representative at your company and they will provide you with a matching gift form or a link to submit your matching gift request online.

If you or your employer have a question, please contact the Children Believe matching gifts team:


Phone: 647.467.5181

I am the donor, but my spouse’s employer offers matching gift program, may I submit the matching gift request through their employer even though I made the donation?

Maybe! Many companies offer to match gifts made by an employee’s spouse. Search your company above for more information about their specific policy.

Advocate - join the movement

Join the Movement

By advocating for Children Believe, you become a voice for children striving for a brighter future. Interested in joining our Associate Board? We are building a group of young adults interested in spreading awareness about our cause and the importance of education through fundraising, volunteerism and activism.

Advocate - be their voice

Be Their Voice

Children around the world face numerous obstacles in accessing education. As advocates, we can bridge these gaps by amplifying their stories, needs, and the solutions provided by Children Believe. Help us promote our current initiatives using the power of social media! Click the image to the left for more information.

Advocate - empower change

Empower Change

Girls are not another problem to be solved, they are the solution. When you support Believe in Girls Like Me you join a growing movement of girls' rights activists who are committed to helping girls step into their power and shape their communities. Your advocacy creates ripples of change, by ensuring that every girl has the opportunity to learn, grow, and become a voice for change in her community.

Advocate - together, we can

Together, We Can

Join us in championing education as a fundamental right for every child. Your advocacy with Children Believe will pave the way for a world where every child's potential is realized through education. Find out more about our advocacy in schools.

Advocate - stay tuned - believe ball

Stay Tuned – Believe Ball

When we launch our new Signature Gala, we'll present you with unique opportunities to advocate for children's education. Join us in making a difference through our upcoming initiatives.


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