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Unique gift ideas that make a difference

POSTED December 6, 2019

Unique gift ideas that make a difference

Shop our gift catalogue today to support children and families around the world

Ethiopian Boy Goat

Finding a unique Christmas present for someone who has everything can be tough, so why not take the advice of Niko and his “friends” in the video below, and give a goat from our gift catalogue?

“Not only are goats a great source of milk, they can actually provide milk for a family for a whole year,” explains Niko.

The hardy animals are a popular item in our catalogue, but there are 30+ options to choose from at We have various gifts to help people, covering everything from education to clean water to health supplies and solar energy.

Watch the video below to meet Niko and his furry friends, Ivan and Theodore. You’ll learn more about great gifts you can give today.

Goats offer their Christmas gift ideas 

Niko Moniz:

Hey everyone. It’s that time of year again! Our Gifts for Good catalogue is now available.

What a great thing to do this holiday season is to buy a gift for a family in need from our Gifts for Good catalogue.

So, I’m joined now by Ivan and Theodore.

Now guys, what’s the best gift to give this year in our gift catalogue?

[Goat bleats]

I know, I know it’s a silly question isn’t it? Of course the best gift they can give is a goat.

Now you can give a single goat or you can even give a flock of goats to a family in need.

But why exactly is a goat the best gift?

[Goat bleats]

Okay, I seem to have offended you guys. I’m sorry, I know. Not only are goats a great source of milk, they can actually provide milk for a family for over a whole year.

They’re also a tremendous source of income for these families as well.

So now, what message do you want to give our viewers about buying a goat this holiday season?

[Goat bleats]

That’s it for me. If you guys want to find more about our Gifts for Good catalogue, go online at You’ll be able to find all the information there, and of course we got tons of great items in our Gifts for Good catalogue this year, including educational supplies.

You could fill a backpack for some children, or you can even provide them with chickens, hens and, yes, even goats.

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