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Girls around world get chance to join digital commerce profession

POSTED August 14, 2018

Girls around world get chance to join digital commerce profession

Accessing information and communication technology is opening up doors to brighter futures

Computer Girl

Girls are a minority in technology jobs in Canada, so imagine what it’s like in vulnerable communities around the world where skills to launch a start-up digital business could be a game changer.

The good news is opportunities are presenting themselves for girls. In Tanzania, Apps & Girls, a social enterprise where girls can learn coding, is making a difference.

Girls are excited: “My passion is to be a person that is really helpful in society. As long as I have the knowledge of ICT (information and communication technology), through the ideas I’m generating, I’ll be the source of solving different problems in society,” says an Apps & Girls student, as quoted by Al Jazeera. [More on that here]

At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we understand the importance of teaching girls and women technology. In India, we’re joining to fund an Internet project with Tata Trusts and Google India to make more than 1,000 women “digital agents of change.” They’ll learn the Internet and pass their knowledge to others. The chain reaction will reach hundreds of thousands of women.

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