Giving Tuesday - Send Girl To School

Make 5X the impact now

Fact: 100+ million girls (aged six to 18) are out of school worldwide. It’s getting worse.

Join us in our goal of sending 100 girls to school and multiply your impact 5X.

Source: UNESCO 

Join to help 100 girls who URGENTLY need your support

The rising cost of living, climate change, armed conflict and COVID-related learning loses are holding girls back.
The most vulnerable are pulled from school as fees become too much. Without that community and safety net, many enter into early marriages. Others experience teen pregnancy and/or violence and exploitation. You can help. Your gift will…

Join the #GivingTuesday movement now

Help us send 100 girls to school.
Your gift will be multiplied 5X
by our giving partners.

Questions? Call 1.800.263.5437, or email

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