Yes, I want to help children
in Burkina Faso

A makeshift school set up in Burkina Faso

A makeshift school set up in Diapaga

Bring urgent humanitarian aid to families displaced due to conflict

Armed terrorist groups are burning granaries, preventing farmers from accessing their fields, kidnapping and murdering innocent people, burning schools and threatening teachers. The escalating violence in Burkina Faso has displaced nearly two million people, creating an immense need for emergency food rations, clean water and access to education.

Help us raise $93,750 to fund a six-month project in six of the most affected villages in Diapaga, eastern Burkina Faso. Help provide immediate humanitarian aid to more than 16,000 people in crisis.

What will your gift do for the people in Diapaga?

Provide life-saving support today

Make it possible to deliver urgent, critical relief to keep children safe during this crisis
Melanie Zetazate, Manager, Philanthropy
M: 416.454.1620 | 1.800.263.5437 ext. 304
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