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Helping marginalized families find relief through the outbreak

POSTED April 20, 2020

Helping marginalized families find relief through the outbreak

Find out how we’re helping those in need keep nourished and safe

By K. Dhanasekaran, Chairman, Rural Organization for Poverty Eradication Services


The lockdowns caused by COVID-19 are impacting some more than others. In India, vulnerable families who depend on daily work for income and food are struggling.

This was the case for Sharmila’s family. The 5-year-old sponsored child belongs to one of 200 families we identified as being in extreme need during this time. She’s part of a small Dalit (low caste or class) community, lives in a small hut made of coconut leaves with her parents and has two younger brothers.

Sharmila’s father is a seasonal worker, and her mother takes care of the household, so the family’s income has dried up. They were having fewer meals, borrowing money to eat and risking police penalties to work where they could.

Thankfully, Children Believe, with support from a local partner, Rural Organization for Poverty Eradication Services, helped improve their situation.

We distributed a ration, including rice, cooking oil, biscuits and more, along with soap and other personal hygiene products to the young family and others like them in their community.

During this time, the children and families also learned about the importance of social distancing, washing their hands often and staying home to keep safe.

The families were given a ration to last seven days. To help provide further support, donate to our COVID-19 relief fund, today or learn more about how the children and family we help are being affected by the outbreak.

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