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How can we make #ZeroHunger possible?

POSTED October 16, 2018

How can we make #ZeroHunger possible?

This World Food Day, find out how you can make a difference

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Nepal, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Yemen are just three countries struggling with food insecurity on this World Food Day.

“After a period of decline, world hunger is on the rise again,” reads an excerpt from the World Food Day website run by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). “Today, over 820-million people are suffering chronic undernourishment, according to the latest FAO 2018 State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World report.”

Global civil-society organizations, governments and local agencies are pulling together to prove it’s possible to have #ZeroHunger by 2030. Christian Children’s Fund of Canada is committed to making that a reality by creating sustainable living through its programs and projects around the world.

The public can pull together to make a difference, too. Below are four tips from the #ZeroHunger campaign.

  • don’t waste food
  • produce more, with less
  • adopt a more healthy and sustainable diet
  • advocate for #ZeroHunger

You can also visit our gift catalogue today to provide a lasting gift of nourishment to a family in need. Something as simple as a vegetable garden kit can change the story for vulnerable communities on this World Food Day (and every day).

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