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How does period shaming interrupt a girl’s education in India?

POSTED May 17, 2019

How does period shaming interrupt a girl’s education in India?

Watch this NBC News video highlighting an issue we’re honing in on at Christian Children’s Fund of Canada

Women Counting Pennies

She’s bleeding, and it’s a blessing. She shouldn’t be isolated by the society, but in some parts of the world, she is, and she’s also made to feel unclean, too.

“I went to school until 2016, when I was in tenth grade. Then, I dropped out of school in November because of period shaming during my menstrual periods,” recounts Priyanka, one girl from India who was treated differently by her peers, teachers and family during her period.

At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we advocate for gender equality and are working to change mindsets about hygiene and cultural stigmas associated  with menstruation.

Watch the video below to learn more about Priyanka’s journey.

You can help support girls today. Give a female hygiene kit.

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