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How innovation and play can improve lives

POSTED January 10, 2018

How innovation and play can improve lives

Projects that inspire growth, learning and fun are driving change in vulnerable communities

Family Playing-LTP India

Children deserve the right to be kids — to grow, laugh, learn and play. At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we seek to provide the opportunities and innovation to make that possible, not unlike local charities in India who are creating urban parks in slums.

The Mumbai Environmental Social Network (MESN) designed The Lotus Garden for some 200,000 people who live in cramped conditions next to a landfill. “For them, a patch of green was really important — a small oasis in their otherwise drab and congested world,” Trupti Vaitla, chief executive of MESN is quoted as saying by Thomson Reuters Foundation News.

The new space, funded by the globally based UN-Habitat, has lights, water, shrubs, grass and an open-air gym and is appealing to children and women.

It’s just one part of MESN’s work in the country to improve urban areas. []

This type of innovation that drives a child’s development is what we do at CCFC where we recently earned special recognition in Ethiopia for innovative practices in the design and implementation of a project on behalf of vulnerable populations. To learn more about this initiative, visit

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