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How vulnerable women and girls are impacting innovation

POSTED December 19, 2017

How vulnerable women and girls are impacting innovation

Simple changes around the home are making a big difference in females’ safety

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It’s great news when we hear the voices of girls and women are being heard in their household, as reported by the Thomson Reuters Foundation News.

“We found the family is very influenced by the girl child’s opinion on these toilets, and that they are also instrumental in changing the family’s behaviour, which is key to their use and adoption,” said Nupur Kapoor, head of Institute for Transformative Technologies (ITT) in India. This is important in protecting women from attacks they might experience if they have to practice open defecation.

Kapoor reports that by including women in the discussion, men come around to the change that is keeping women safer from violence and health-related concerns. []

Christian Children’s Fund of Canada understands the power of bringing girls and women into the conversation and giving them a voice and the tools they need to improve their lives for the better. To learn more about our work, visit

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