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How we’re keeping children and youth safe at home

POSTED November 2, 2018

How we’re keeping children and youth safe at home

Watch the impact irregular migration is having on teens in Central America

Teen with backpack

We’ve heard about it in the news too often — families, children and youth leaving their homes in South and Central America in search of better opportunities.

Carlos didn’t realize he was putting himself in danger when he decided to leave Nicaragua for a chance at a better future: “I just left, and I didn’t know it was that dangerous,” he says in the video. “But, when I was travelling, I realized it wasn’t easy.”

That’s why Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, with funding from the Government of Canada and partners, launched the Preventing Irregular Child Migration in Central America (PICMCA) project. It will improve child-protection systems and create safe spaces; provide skills-training, scholarships and other education resources; as well as encourage children and youth to be leaders in their community.

Watch the video below.

Photo (top) by Juris Kornets

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