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How women’s groups are nourishing love and child safety

POSTED July 29, 2019

How women’s groups are nourishing love and child safety

Our country director in Nicaragua shares how community leaders are coming together to create positive change

By María Isabel López, country director, Nicaragua

Darling from mom's group

Women play an essential role in society. As natural nurturers, many of us connect with the vulnerable, encouraging them to develop their potential.

So, imagine the power of organized women’s groups.

I saw their impact when I chatted with members from one of eight groups, which support 24 mothers. The women, who live in an unsafe community within Managua, came together through a Christian Children’s Fund of Canada initiative implemented by our local partner, CAPRI.

They impressed me. Despite their responsibilities at home tackling poverty and fulfilling basic needs, they’re committed to showing love by listening to youth and children. They support them in coordinating safe spaces for their development and protection, such as at the local community centre.

I asked what motivates them to give back so much to their community in spite of their chaotic, stressful lives. The responses were impressive.

“I have realized the greatness of serving. I have learned to value people, children; I have learned a lot because of my community,” Darling (pictured), one of the mothers told me. “Children need people who serve. Our job is not just to be at home cleaning; we can also serve youth and children.”

Next, Jennifer stepped forward, speaking from the heart with tears in her eyes. “I have learned to love those not loved; I have learned to make children and youth smile, I have learned to value myself.”

It’s clear these women have grown in confidence, positively changing the lives of many children and youth through the community-development model we share. The idea is to be child-centered, protecting all young people. That process starts with a sponsored child and expands outward within communities.

These change agents are committed to that same mission, supporting the next generation to achieve their full potential.

They moved my heart so much in such a short time; I can only imagine how they’re lifting up their children, youth and community every day.

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