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I saw how my gift to one girl is helping so many

POSTED October 25, 2017

I saw how my gift to one girl is helping so many

Sharon Caddy, one of our volunteer ambassadors, shares how meeting her sponsored child left her feeling privileged to help

By Sharon Caddy, broadcast personality and CCFC volunteer ambassador

SCaddy sponsored childB
Photos by Rudy Lezcar

It was a moment I will never forget — meeting my sponsored child, Liz, in Paraguay.

Seeing this four-year-old before my eyes was quite expectedly nerve-racking and exhilarating, but the response I had in meeting her mother caught me off guard. As mothers, we bonded knowing all we want is to see our children thrive and reach their goals. It was emotional, especially as I saw how my support is helping an entire family see a brighter future can be possible.

I visited community centres inside and outside Liz’s village. These meeting places are truly the heart of each community. It’s here children extend their learning and personal growth, but, it really touched my heart to see how they benefit mothers, too.

Sharon mom Limpio

In each centre we visited, mothers explained how Christian Children’s Fund of Canada’s (CCFC) program work is changing their children’s lives — and theirs, too.

I saw moms learning new skills, such as esthetics and hairdressing. I saw women learning to sew. I also met a group involved in a reading project (above) where they developed books to share with their children. They were all learning skills they could use at home or to generate income.

Many of these women showed a new understanding of their children’s development while also gaining optimism and confidence in themselves. My heart goes out to each of them who are embracing the opportunity to learn and grow while inspiring their children to do the same.

At the heart of my visit was seeing the impact of child sponsorship. I saw how the monthly support I give Liz benefits her entire community. And, as the trip came to an end, I saw how being a child sponsor is a privilege — one I’m honoured to have.

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