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Keep girls safe from child marriage during the pandemic and after

POSTED June 19, 2020

Keep girls safe from child marriage during the pandemic and after

Learn more about how Children Believe is helping keep children safe from exploitation

By Brianne Binelli, digital content manager

Child brides in an alley
The economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19 is leaving vulnerable girls around the world susceptible to child marriage, an issue Children Believe is always working with children and families to address. We met Pooja, a child bride in India, last year (as Christian Children’s Fund of Canada). She told us her story and pleaded for change. “Why are girls treated as inferior to boys?,” she asked. “Parents should be aware their children should be educated. They should stand on their own and get a good job. Until that time, children should not be made to marry.” Children Believe has been working in India through our STOP Child Marriage NOW campaign, which has reached more than 1.2-million people from 1,430 villages and 2,300 schools in 32 districts. After the campaign began, many communities and schools decided to stand against child marriage. Today, as many parents struggle to feed their children, child marriage becomes a real risk for too many. Help us ensure child-safety systems are in place. Provide an emergency child-safety pack today and help make positive change possible.
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