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Keeping children safe after lockdowns end

POSTED June 8, 2020

Keeping children safe after lockdowns end

Economic uncertainty following COVID-19 restrictions is putting vulnerable children’s safety and security at risk

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As the COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift, we’re looking out for children we help to make sure they’re keeping safe from exploitation, a common side effect of national and global emergencies.

“Children have so far been largely spared from the most severe symptoms of [COVID-19]. But their lives are being totally upended,” explained António Guterres United Nations’ secretary-general during the crisis.

Indeed, some children’s lives will forever change as their parents struggle through economic uncertainties. These challenges could lead to child labour, abuse in the home or child marriage.

At Children Believe, we have a plan to help children through the fear and uncertainty. We’re strengthening telephone help lines for them to report abuse or exploitation, we’re ramping up networks of local leaders to hold parents and governments accountable and we’re creating safe spaces to help them get their lives back.

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