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Library sparks hope and happiness in Ethiopia

POSTED January 17, 2018

Library sparks hope and happiness in Ethiopia

Children tell us why having access to books is so important to them

By Semereta Sewasaw, CCFC communications manager, Ethiopia

Library Ethiopia

Abonesh, 12, likes reading biology and chemistry books. Biruk, 14, prefers reading anything to do with physics. Yesmashewa, 12, and Endashaw, 14, love reading just about everything.

Books mean so much to children in Ethiopia. For those living in poverty, reading truly opens a world of opportunity that empowers them for the future.

Reading books can plant the seeds of imagination, curiosity and creativity; help children succeed in school; and inspire them to dream big.

So, it was great to see how the generosity of caring monthly Community Rise donors made it possible for Christian Children’s Fund of Canada to support the building of an elementary school library and fill it with 300 books.

It’s an incredibly special gift to the school’s 1,252 students.

So, what does it mean to them? We asked these four book-loving children to tell us.

Abonesh: I use the library for my school assignments. I enjoy reading under the shade of a tree.

Biruk: I wish to be an engineer when I grow up, so I love reading physics books. I come to the library four days a week and spend many hours here.

Yesmashewa: I am happy to have this library. I love reading books! We learn things we don’t know and how to solve our problems. I read for more than two hours every day. I wish to be a doctor.

Endashaw: My reading skills have improved. And, if I keep using the library, I know my grades will get even better. This will enable me to go to university.

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