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Help fund a new maternity ward today

Support women like Amane from rural Ethiopia. She carried six babies to term and lost them all in home deliveries led by untrained birth attendants. A new maternity ward in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region could change that story, giving mother’s-to-be access to skilled care and resources closer to home.

Why mothers and babies in rural Ethiopia need your support…


of 1,000 babies delivered in Ethiopia don’t survive birth or infancy*

mothers, for every 100,000 babies born in Ethiopia, don’t survive to raise their child*
Source: Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey, 2016*

You can help...

Contribute to the $50,000 being raised to build a maternity ward at a health clinic in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region. You’ll provide:
  • a maternity examination room
  • a delivery room and a waiting room
  • life-saving supplies, such as a delivery chair, beds and medication

Thank you for your support

Thousands of mothers and infants will benefit from your kindness

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