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Woman sits with her children

"I'm so grateful my children don't have to struggle to survive as I did growing up in Burkina Faso.”
— Lucienne, former sponsored child

You can change
the future

This Mother’s Day, Lucienne will be a thankful mother-of-two.
The former sponsored child remembers a difficult childhood where her family couldn’t afford the healthcare she needed to recover from multiple bouts of malaria. Then, when she was 10, a sponsor changed her future.
Sponsorship made the difference for Lucienne — and now — her kids. Help someone else experience that lasting change.

In 2019/2020, sponsored children
received life-changing support…


children, teachers, parents and guardians benefited from greater access to inclusive, quality education


community members benefited from access to maternal and child healthcare

Thank you for your support

Help a child believe they can reach their dreams

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