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New report examines how the digital world impacts children

POSTED December 12, 2017

New report examines how the digital world impacts children

Putting priorities in place to give children opportunities online, while guarding their safety

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As a society, we often debate the opportunities and drawbacks of the complex digital world. At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada we understand the need to help children navigate the online world while keeping them safe from harm. Today, one of our humanitarian and development partners, UNICEF, is weighing in on the debate with the release of its report, “The State of the World’s Children 2017.”

So, is the Internet helpful or harmful? “The Internet is all of these things, reflecting and amplifying the best and worst of human nature,” notes Anthony Lake, UNICEF’s executive director in the report’s forward. “It is a tool that will always be used for good and for ill. Our job is to mitigate the harms and expand the opportunities digital technology makes possible.”

With that in mind, the report features six priorities:

  •  provide children with affordable, quality online access
  • protect children from harm online, including abuse, exploitation, trafficking and more
  • safeguard children’s privacy and identities online
  • teach digital literacy to keep children informed, engaged and safe online
  • leverage the power of the private sector to advance ethical standards and practices
  • put children at the centre of digital policy
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