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New report raises concerns about state of global hunger

POSTED July 14, 2020

New report raises concerns about state of global hunger

The number of undernourished around the world has risen in the past five years, and the Coronavirus pandemic is projected to make the situation even worse

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The number of undernourished people is growing, and it’s expected to balloon by an estimated 130-million by the end of the year due to the pandemic, according to a joint report by the World Health Organization and various United Nations agencies.

“Five years after the world committed to end hunger, food insecurity and all forms of malnutrition, we are still off track to achieve this objective by 2030,” reads the report.

“We cannot continue thinking of agriculture, the environment, health, poverty and hunger in isolation,” affirmed Gilbert F. Houngbo, president of International Fund for Agricultural Development. “World problems are interconnected, and the solutions are intertwined. The current pandemic is a wake-up call to all of us.”

António Guterres, United Nations’ secretary-general, announced plans to launch a Food Systems Summit next year to address this growing problem.

At Children Believe, we’ve seen civil unrest and climate change cause malnutrition among children and families around the word. In Burkina Faso, we’re working with UNICEF to help 20,000+ children, women and men displaced following radical attacks.

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