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Our West Africa director’s message wins support from the Burkinabe PM

POSTED November 19, 2020

Our West Africa director’s message wins support from the Burkinabe PM

As Burkina Faso continues to face multiple challenges, Children Believe, in collaboration with our peers, is committed to helping those who need it most

By Patrice Zongo, communications manager, Burkina Faso

CB director Christelle and the PM of Burkina Faso
We’re constantly asking ourselves how our contribution to helping children reach their dreams can be even more effective. This is especially true in Burkina Faso where radical group attacks are displacing families, leading to rising poverty exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Christelle Kalhoulé, our director for West Africa, along with her peers around Burkina Faso, have been trying to address these challenges for almost five years now. Our concern is hundreds of thousands of children are denied access to schools after their closure due to insecurity,” she says. “And to continue working for more solutions, conducting initiatives in the field that benefit children, we need more government support.” Recently elected to chair the Board of the most influential civil society organization in Burkina — called the Permanent Secretariat of INGOs (SPONG) — Christelle had the chance to speak with government officials on behalf of these charitable organizations. “The state is doing a good job. However, based on what is done in the field, there is a need for the state to take stronger leadership,” Christelle told Burkinabe Prime Minister Christophe Joseph Marie Dabiré, along with members of his cabinet. The Prime Minister welcomed the request, promising to take necessary measures to address country challenges. “Partners for development are very important for the development of the country, and the government will never fail to respond to their request,” he said. In Burkina Faso, state records reveal development aid contributed about one-and-a-half-billion dollars to the country’s economy in 2019, positively affecting almost the entire nation. So, the PM was grateful to all stakeholders represented in the discussion. “We appreciate the wonderful job you are doing,” he said, adding, “The government will do its best to ensure you are safe to work. However, we would like to make sure our involvement in the coordination of your intervention will neither deprive you of your independence nor expose you [to risk].” And, the PM and his staff are committed to that promise. In fact, the highest authorities of the country fulfilled a pending decades-old request for SPONG to become an Organization of Public Utility. This status facilitates stronger partnerships with government agencies to better support the work. To learn more about our work in Burkina Faso, and find out how you can help, visit
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