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Power of education is clear in stories of two Burkina Faso girls

POSTED August 23, 2019

Power of education is clear in stories of two Burkina Faso girls

UNESCO video shows challenge of pursuing gender equality in the classroom

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Rachidatou wants to go to college so she can ‘help others’ as a nurse. Awa grew up in a tiny village and missed out on schooling, but she’s pursuing education now. These stories, as told in the UNESCO video below, show the challenges many girls around the world face.

“Like many girls her age in Burkina Faso, Rachidatou was born to poor parents,” explains the UNESCO video. “She is torn between home chores, earning a living and studying to better her situation. All she wants is an equal chance — the same as everyone else.”

Education is a priority at Christian Children’s Fund of Canada. We focus on breaking barriers preventing access to inclusive, quality education for all, especially girls. So, the stories of these two women resonate.

Learn more about these issues through the stories of these two women.

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