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Protecting basic human rights during the outbreak

POSTED May 26, 2020

Protecting basic human rights during the outbreak

How the needs of the most vulnerable are being addressed amidst the world’s new normal

Girl from Burkina Faso

While COVID-19 is bringing change to how we live, learn and work, challenges to human rights remain a key concern at Children Believe and other like-minded organizations and groups.

“Once this pandemic started, it exacerbated all of the issues we had pointed out before it began, such as poverty, the lack of access to quality education and the lack of access to health services,” says Nwanneakolam Vwede-Obahor, head of UN Human Rights East Africa regional office, in a recent article. “But it has also helped to confirm why the UN is here: to show governments how to do better for those who could possibly fall through the cracks.”

That mandate applies to many organizations.

At Children Believe, we’ve been connecting with vulnerable children and families to ensure they have access to life’s basic essentials, from food and clean water to personal-protective equipment to medical supplies for ill-equipped community health centres.

We’re also re-engaging community safety systems as financial and emotional hardships lead to child labour; early, forced marriage; and sexual abuse.

Creating an environment where children are nourished and healthy is key to our goal to keep them on course to complete their education. And, where possible, we’re providing alternative education outside the classroom.

You can help today. Learn more about other ways you can provide support.

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