Help more children access education

You’ve helped girls like Amelmal learn their rights, so they can go to school without fear of being hurt...

“With the support of teachers and parents, we’ve greatly reduced verbal violence by setting up measures so children can report violence and the school will take action.” — Amelmal, 16, Ethiopia
Help girls who don’t have the help Amelmal worked hard to achieve, thanks to donor support.

You’ll help provide...

Safe spaces

Child-friendly gathering places generate a sense of community.



Child clubs will help children realize their rights and speak up to be heard.



Children will cultivate the skills and resources to reach their dreams.


Donate by Dec. 31...

Your support of $1,000, $500 or $250 will help more children
access education and child-protection clubs.

P.S. If we receive your donation by year's end, you'll be eligible for a 2019 tax receipt
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