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Real-life superheroes

POSTED June 29, 2023

Real-life superheroes

Lilac Agents ending violence against children.

By Juan Lezcano Heynd and Rosanna Menchaca, Children Believe Paraguay

Superheroes may be all the rage on movie screens, but in Paraguay, the Lilac Agents have become real-life guardians who are committed to protecting children from violence. These champions for children get an early start, training at an early age to recognize trouble when they see it and take action.

“It feels really good to be a part of this because it gives me hope that someday we can have a world without violence,” explains Jeremias, 13, a member of the Lilac Agents.

The Lilac Agents are an invention of a Children Believe partner in Paraguay, Fundación Alda, which manages child sponsorship programs in the country. Ranging in age from nine to 15 years old, the 145 members of this volunteer program learn how to observe, detect, and communicate incidents of violence or the violation of children’s rights.

“Our main responsibility is to detect and communicate any type of abuse to help prevent violence,” says Jeremias.

“We Lilac Agents are very important to the community because there is a lot of violence around us, and in the news, like bullying at school,” says Andrea, 13, who has participated for three years. “We have learned the best way to end this kind of violence is by working together.”

Working closely with the team at Fundación Alda, agents are part of 11 schools where clubs are active and supported financially with materials and resources from Children Believe. Organizers explain that the youth truly see themselves as having “superpowers” as agents of change, capable of acting to denounce any violent situation they see and protect other youth.

For these superheroes, justice is its own reward. But members also gain valuable skills in preparing and giving presentations, appearing on radio programs, and participating in community activities promoting a violence-free world. Organizers estimate their work regularly reaches 2,900 students with their child protection message.

This past November 25, to recognize International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Woman, the First Festival of Lilac Agents was held in the country’s capital, Asunción. Government, schools, and civil society representatives attended and saw artistic presentations prepared by the children, depicting the reality of violence and violations of child rights through song, poetry and dance.

The Lilac Agents program is just one of many initiatives promoted by Children Believe Paraguay as part of its work as a Center of Excellence in Child Participation and Child Protection. This work includes training and support for teachers and creating safe spaces for families to learn about intervention protocols in cases of rights violations.

Help protect children and youth from violence and create safe spaces in their communities today. 

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