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Relief efforts to help children in Ukraine continue despite threats

POSTED March 22, 2022

Relief efforts to help children in Ukraine continue despite threats

Children Believe supports the work of partners to provide for needs of victims of war

By Dave Stell, communications manager, Canada

Bombed residential building in Ukraine

As the war continues in Ukraine, efforts by Children Believe’s partners in the region continue to effectively help children and families, despite the constant threat of danger.

Fighting has intensified, and attacks have damaged or destroyed thousands of residential buildings. Thousands of lives have been lost.

What help is being given to children and their families in Ukraine?

Our ChildFund Alliance member ChildFund Germany is continuing its work, with partners, in several cities in the country. The relief teams are connecting with families, many of whom have children with disabilities, to actively support them with medicine, hygiene articles and food. Also, a network of teachers continues to give online lessons to children, with approximately 200 ready to provide support when needed.

Financial support is key to emergency-led responses to alleviate the suffering of victims. WeWorld, another member of the ChildFund Alliance, is supporting the effort with coordination, advocacy and communication efforts, as well as organizing a response for refugees who have crossed into neighbouring Moldova.

ChildFund is carefully planning its coordinated response. In the days and weeks ahead it will continue to provide food, medicine and education, and it will expand aid to provide services, support and information to families to make informed decisions about their safety. This is crucial as the destabilizing nature of the conflict can alienate families seeking help. Services will vary from providing counselling and legal advice, to offering referral information for other services.

Many individuals and families are in need of psychosocial support, and a program in the east and west of the country is being set up through networks specifically working to establish child-friendly spaces amidst bombardment.

Mother holds baby in shelter

How are displaced families and children being supported to find safe spaces?

ChildFund is also helping protect civilians from immediate danger by supporting Ukrainian

partners to establish shelter spaces safe from bombardment in the worst afflicted areas. Hundreds of families will be supported through temporary shelter, with further assistance provided to those looking to be relocated to other parts of the country or abroad.

Finally, ChildFund’s Italian member WeWorld, is working with Ukrainian refugees arriving in Moldova, planning for their support and to help with settlement. There, they will be providing similar response efforts, to ensure food, medicine, shelter, education and psychosocial support are available.

You can make a difference. Donate today to deliver urgent, critical relief during this crisis through Children Believe and ChildFund Germany.

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