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Report shows gap widening between rich and poor around the world

POSTED January 23, 2018

Report shows gap widening between rich and poor around the world

Oxfam research highlights “inequality crisis”

Children Walking Nicaragua

At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we meet people struggling without enough food, adequate healthcare or access to education to create brighter futures for themselves. Yet, last year saw the largest increase in billionaires (ever), according to Oxfam, in a new report.

Oxfam, a global organization addressing injustice, highlights the inequality. “This increase was enough to end extreme poverty seven times over. Eighty-two percent of all of the growth in global wealth in the last year went to the top one percent, whereas the bottom 50 percent saw no increase at all,” reads the “Reward Work, Not Wealth” report.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals address this issue, but more work needs to be done as noted in numerous recommendations in the inequality report, including implementing policies and eliminating poverty pay.

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