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Science classes take on a new life in rural Ethiopia

POSTED August 24, 2017

Science classes take on a new life in rural Ethiopia

The distribution of laboratory equipment is boosting children’s learning potential

By Semereta Sewasew, communications manager, Ethiopia

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Teaching science has been a challenge in Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) rural program areas in Ethiopia.

Although schools in the Ada’a district have employed college-certified science teachers, many of them complained it was difficult to give practical science lessons without laboratory equipment.

But that’s changing.

To address this issue, laboratory equipment such as microscopes, tubes and burners, have been donated to more than 50 primary schools.

Now students can gain practical skills in science through demonstrations and develop their interest and exposure to the subject.

There’s a lot of excitement about the special gifts. “Some of the laboratory materials we are using are expensive and only available at the college level,” enthuses Tesfaye Ayele, a teacher. “For me, it was hard to imagine they were brought to our school, located in such a remote area.”

Students and teachers agree the new materials have significantly improved the learning process. And, that’s something CCFC supporters can smile about.

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