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A small business has a big impact on a community’s nutrition and well-being

POSTED January 20, 2022

A small business has a big impact on a community’s nutrition and well-being

Find out how a group of women came together to create a successful enterprise following a Children Believe-organized workshop

By Siju Mathew, monitoring, evaluation, learning, and knowledge sharing officer, India

Woman in a small shop hands man paper

Sadhanai. This Tamil word means more than its literal “achievement” translation to a group of women in one of our programs in Tamil Nadu, India. For these friends, it also became the name of the self-help group (SHG) and a store they formed together.

Their journey truly began after they joined a three-day entrepreneurship workshop facilitated by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, organized by Children Believe and our local implementing partner, Integrated Rural Community Development Society (IRCDS). It focused on entrepreneurship development through locally available food grains, pulses and cereals.

Soon after the course finished, Thenmozhi Suresh, one of the SHG group members, opened a small family grocery called Sadhanai Stores. This was possible, thanks to support from her Village Development Committee, which loaned her capital, that combined with funds from the SHG and personal savings. Today, the shop employs five members from the self-help group.

It sells fresh vegetables grown by local farmers and micro-nutrient readymade powders prepared by members of the SHG, thanks to the skills they learned in the workshop they attended at the university.

The store is a hit. “(It stocks) value-added nutritious powders, peanut candies and spices available locally for affordable prices; it’s useful for the children, pregnant and lactating women,” explains Devi Otteri, a customer.

The shop is also home to hygienic kits, including nail-cutters, masks, sanitary napkins, sanitizers, soap and more.

But, it’s much more to the community than a store. Thenmozhi’s business also earned a certificate from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, which is how it’s possible for customers to access ready-made micro-nutrient powders and enjoy prepared food options, starting early.

“The shop opens around 4:30 a.m. and sells herbal tea,” explains Subbamma Kannikulam, a village resident. She adds: “Now we don’t have to travel eight kilometres to buy groceries.”

Indeed, many customers appreciate saving time and travel expenses, but it’s more than that. The shop is a community hub.

It’s the place to visit for information and application forms about accessing welfare and social security through the state and national government, the go-to place to learn about community issues, to connect with local child-protection representatives and find emergency helpline numbers for children and women.

And, customers can recharge their prepaid SIM card, buy a SIM card, pay phone and electricity bills.

If you have somewhere to be, you’re also in luck, as the store’s auto-rickshaw serves as a taxi when it’s not carting stock.

It’s no wonder Thenmozhi won a local Women Entrepreneur award for her efforts in growing a thriving, innovative business.

In fact, Children Believe and our local implementing partner, (IRCDS), hope to duplicate this model in more communities in the future, helping more women find economic independence.

Learn more about how you can empower women to change their futures.

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