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Spotlighting gender equality during times of uncertainty

POSTED June 23, 2020

Spotlighting gender equality during times of uncertainty

Why we need to pull together to keep girls and women safe from harm

Women Counting Pennies

Experts and humanitarians agree there’s been a recent spike in violence against women and girls, especially in regions such as Latin America. It’s an issue we’re continuing to monitor and address in our Children Believe programs.

“Around the world violence against women and girls, especially rape, is skyrocketing. Many incidents have triggered widespread outrage,” noted Amina J. Mohammed, deputy secretary-general of the United Nations recently. “Sexual violence in any form of violence is simply violence. There is absolutely no excuse, there is no justification and there must be zero tolerance. All of us must stand together and speak out.”

At Children Believe, we promote equal opportunities for girls, providing training and awareness campaigns on gender equality and human rights as well as psychosocial support and care.

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