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UN Envoy on Youth speaks up for young people

POSTED April 24, 2018

UN Envoy on Youth speaks up for young people

An open debate for youth, peace and security addresses need to tap into potential of younger generation

Youth Paraguay

Young people have so much to offer the world, and unleashing their potential and creativity can pave the way to building peace, said Jayathma Wickramanayake, the UN secretary general’s Envoy on Youth.

“I will not ask you to let young people lead, as they are already leading. But they need inclusive and safe spaces and enabling environments to succeed,” said the rep for young people at an open debate of the Security Council on youth, peace and security. “Recognize [their work], fund it, scale it up, protect it.”

Graeme Simpson, lead author of The Missing Peace: independent progress study on youth and peace and security, also spoke at the open debate and said it was time to address stereotypes and assumptions about the younger generation. “It necessitates a new culture and new societal norms, that do not demonize, romanticize or patronize youth,” he said.

At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we listen to the voices of children and youth and incorporate feedback into programming decisions. We also encourage them to advocate for their own positive change.

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