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UN introduces global plan to give young people a voice

POSTED September 25, 2018

UN introduces global plan to give young people a voice

The Youth2030 Strategy includes five key areas of change

Group of children in Paraguay

António Guterres, United Nations (UN) secretary-general, launched the Youth2030 strategy yesterday with the goal of putting the ideas of the world’s 1.8-billion young people into action.

“Empowering young people, supporting them, and making sure they can fulfil their potential are important ends in themselves,” he said, adding that the group faces growing pressures due to globalization, new technologies, displacement, shrinking civic space, changing labour markets and climate impacts.

To ensure young people are included into the decision-making process around the world, the UN has identified five key areas of change, as quoted below:

  1. Opening new routes to involve young people and amplify their voices.
  2. Strengthening the UN’s focus on their accessing education and health services.
  3. Placing their economic empowerment at the fore of development strategies, with a focus on training and jobs.
  4. Working to ensure their rights, and civic and political engagement.
  5. Prioritizing support for young people in conflict and in humanitarian crises, including their participation in peace processes.

At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we believe in giving children and youth a voice. We’re working closely with colleagues, partners and communities to create opportunities for children and youth to be involved in decisions at different levels, including planning, designing and monitoring our programs; and discussions at government meetings, councils and forums to tackle deep-rooted barriers to change, such as violence against children, child labour and child marriage.

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